8 Essential Life Skills with Andrew Johnson by Andrew Johnson

8 Essential Life Skills with Andrew Johnson

(Everything you need to actively create a fulfilling and successful life, and were never taught in school!)

Andrew Johnson developed the 8 Essential Life Lessons over the span of 20 years. The course brings together and teaches the foundational skills of meditation and relaxation found across his best selling 24 apps. 
Andrew’s apps have been downloaded more than 12 million times. 
Andrew’s corporate and 1-on1 work using hypnotherapy, meditation, and relaxation techniques are being used worldwide to help individuals overcome fears and ignite their power.

The 8 Essential Life Lessons course lays down the foundation for all “eyes closed” work. 
No previous meditation or relaxation experience is necessary. 
The course only requires your willingness to remain open to change, and a commitment to your own personal journey. 

The course is presented in an easy, fun, and relatable way. It is suitable for all levels of experience. 
Andrew’s years of expertise and soothing voice will be your trusted guide. Through daily repetition, you will build ongoing, positive habits. Each of the 8 skills will add confidence, positivity, deep sleep, resilience, relaxation, energy, and clarity. The lessons you are accessing will become quickly integrated into everyday life. 

Once purchased, you have access to the introductory video, 8 sectional video introductions, and 27 daily audio teachings on the deepening of 8 life skills. 
You set the pace at which your progress through the course. Once purchased, the course is yours for life. It will become the toolbox to which you return to time and time again.

Feeling supported plays a major part of creating change in our lives. Once you have joined the course, you will be emailed a private link to join the closed Facebook group called Relax Change Create. 
Relax Change Create is a safe and supportive group moderated by Andrew and includes only course participants. Here, you will be able to connect with and discuss your journey through the course.

The course comes with a 60 day, money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you are not fully satisfied, your full payment will be returned. 

We so look forward to this journey we are taking together and in supporting you through it,

Andrew & the Relax Change Create Team

1. Relaxation.

We begin with the basics. You are guided into an ever-deepening level of physical relaxation and taught how to release tension and stress from both the body and mind.

2. Deeper Breathing

teaches you the skills needed to deepen relaxation, become grounded, slow down and re-establish connection with your inner resources. Our breath informs the body, and how it physically reacts. If the breath is fluid, the body relaxes.

3. The Countdown Technique

connects the mind and body, and deepens relaxation even further. It is a perfect technique to use while drifting down into sleep.
So easy to learn and so effective when used.

4. Visualisation

creates a deeper mind/body connection using all your senses. Knowing how to visualise properly leads to improved goal setting, tapping into the law of attraction, and in creating a flow state. Relax the mind and the body will follow.

5. Meditation

These recordings will give you a solid grounding in meditation. 
Meditation has so many "strands" that it's nice to get the basics right and expand from there.

6. Mindfulness

These recordings will give you a solid grounding in Mindfulness. 
Mindfulness can be transformational when integrated into everyday life and can be summed up in three words:
Now. Here. This.

7. Anchoring

is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique that “anchors” a certain physical movement to a set of positive thoughts and emotions. This is a wonderfully powerful exercise for a quick shift from negativity to positivity.

8. Affirmations

remind us that how we talk to ourselves is hugely important. The words that we add after “I am” in a statement are very powerful. Learn how to best use affirmations as perfect instructions to the inner mind.

What's included?

Video Icon 8 videos File Icon 27 files Text Icon 9 text files


How to use this course
Progressive Relaxation - 5 audio tracks
Progressive Relaxation
2 mins
Progressive Relaxation - More information
Progressive Relaxation Day 1
13 mins
Progressive Relaxation Day 2
11 mins
Progressive Relaxation Day 3
13 mins
Progressive Relaxation Day 4
12 mins
Progressive Relaxation Day 5
10 mins
Diaphragmatic Breathing - 4 audio tracks
Diaphragmatic Breathing
3 mins
Diaphragmatic Breathing - More information
Diaphragmatic Breathing Day 1
11 mins
Diaphragmatic Breathing Day 2
12 mins
Diaphragmatic Breathing Day 3
12 mins
Diaphragmatic Breathing Day 4
18 mins
Countdown Technique - 3 audio tracks
Countdown Technique
2 mins
Countdown Technique - More Information
Countdown Technique Day 1
11 mins
Countdown Technique Day 2
12 mins
Countdown Technique Day 3
12 mins
Visualisation - 3 audio tracks
2 mins
Visualisation - More Information
Visualisation Day 1
15 mins
Visualisation Day 2
13 mins
Visualisation Day 3
18 mins
Meditation - 4 audio tracks
1 min
Meditation - More Information
Meditation Day 1
16 mins
Meditation Day 2
16 mins
Meditation Day 3
15 mins
Meditation Day 4
18 mins
Mindfulness - 4 audio tracks
1 min
Mindfulness - More Information
Mindfulness Day 1
16 mins
Mindfulness Day 2
16 mins
Mindfulness Day 3
15 mins
Mindfulness Day 4
15 mins
Anchoring - 2 audio tracks
1 min
Anchoring - More Information
Anchoring Day 1
15 mins
Anchoring Day 2
16 mins
Affirmations - 2 audio tracks
1 min
Affirmations - More Information
Affirmations Day 1
16 mins
Affirmations Day 2
15 mins
Andrew Johnson has 25 years experience in teaching relaxation, meditation, mindfulness, coping skills and resilience to individuals and groups.

Andrew is also the voice and content creator behind the “with Andrew Johnson” MP3s and Apps which have had over 11 million downloads to date.